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Welcome to Going Slowly

We're Tara & Tyler, and we started this website in February of 2008 to document our bicycle tour around the world.

The epic journey that followed—an expedition spanning two years and twenty five countries, from Scotland to Southeast Asia, changed the trajectory of our lives forever.

Going Slowly is now the scrapbook of our adventures together, an outlet to record and remember our life in vivid detail.

We are currently documenting the experience of buying a small piece of land, building a timber framed straw bale house, living off the grid, and growing our own food.

How to Read Our Story

Our journal is a continuous thread over 1,000 entries long. In order to make it more approachable, we've split our story into several chapters.

The large images at the bottom of our home page link to overviews of our adventures together. These synopses also provide jumping off points into our journal.

You can bookmark your place using the ribbon in the upper right corner of any entry. This only saves on the computer where it was made.

So start at the beginning, middle, end—or anywhere else you like, and enjoy! It is our sincere hope that you find inspiration and entertainment within.

About Tara

I am a passionate photographer and writer; I find deep satisfaction in capturing life's fleeting moments with images and stories.

I love traveling the world, but I am a domestic creature by nature. The fashioned arts of do-it-yourself homesteading have resonated with me for as long as I can remember.

I enjoy cooking, baking, camping, knitting, ceramics, speaking French, and learning skills like canning, bee-keeping, and quilting.

What I am currently up to:
Reading Blood Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton, writing a cycle touring cookbook, and teaching myself how to use Adobe InDesign.

About Tyler

When I'm not documenting my life experiences with Tara, I make a living as an independent software developer.

I am an explorer at heart—I thrive on planning and pursuing exciting adventures, testing my limits, being in nature, and whenever possible, learning new skills.

I spend a good deal of time reading and thinking about psychology, philosophy, science, and the nature of the universe.

What I am currently up to:
Reading Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting, by Robert McKee and learning lisp.

Going Slowly in the News

Misadventures MagazineFriday November 15th, 2013
Tara was interviewed for Misadventures Magazine, a publication by and for adventurous women.

Emaho MagazineSunday February 24th, 2013
Feature article about our bicycle tour and off-grid homesteading story.

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