Bicycle Touring in Eastern Europe

Bicycle Touring in Eastern Europe

After two challenging, adventure-filled months in Tunisia, we returned to the romance and relative luxury of Italy. Reveling once more in its delicious food and gorgeous old towns, we climbed across the cold, central Apennine mountain range to board a ferry bound for sunny Greece.

Both on the mainland and on the island of Crete, we dallied around, enjoying the last of winter in a comparatively warm Mediterranean climate. When spring made enough of an appearance to embark comfortably on our tour of Eastern Europe, we set off northwards, into unknown territory, feeling excited and slightly nervous.

It wasn't long before we realized that we loved Eastern Europe and its quiet, agrarian countryside. Tiny, picturesque Macedonia stole our hearts and helped us learn Cyrillic, while Serbia served up incredible hospitality, time and time again.

Finally, we entered Romania, feeling as though we'd stepped back in time about two-hundred years. We fell head over heels for the country's friendly stray dogs, remote mountains, gypsy wagons, hidden caves, fairytale forests, vampire legends, and many a kind-hearted soul.

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