Russian Road Trip: Driving Across Siberia

Russian Road Trip: Driving Across Siberia

Filled with much excitement and nervousness, we drove from Finland to the border of Russia. After much bureaucratic rigmarole, our passports were stamped, and we entered great, mammoth Russia, in total awe that our plans actually worked out, and we were allowed into the country without problems.

And thus began our Russian road trip, filled with culture shock, potato-stuffed dumplings, dachas, babushkis, and annoying policemen. We loved free camping in the woods nearly every night, and dipping into ponds and rivers at every opportunity to wash away the smoky, grimey, sweat of record-breaking heat waves and forest fires.

The further east we went, the more faces began to change. Eyes became more almond shape, cheekbones rose upwards, and blond hair became black. Crossing into Asia was a truly memorable event, marking a new beginning after nearly a year and a half spent in Europe.

Further east, the Altay mountain range brought with it the most incredible scenery we'd seen on our entire trip, as well as a host of choices as to where to go next. The road through the mountains dead-ended into Mongolia, so we took it, unsure if we'd be able to get visas, hopeful that we'd actually be allowed in the country...

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