Tunisia on Two Wheels

Tunisia on Two Wheels

It didn't take long to realize we were far too slow to cross both Europe and Asia in one year. So, we fled south to spend winter in sunny Tunisia.

After a failed attempt to get onward visas for Libya, we hit the road to tour our first and only African country of this adventure. We didn't get far—Tara's rear wheel failed on a desert island off the country's east coast.

While we waited for replacement rims, our itchy feet got the better of us and we decided to embark on an exploration of Tunisia by public transport. It only took a few days of relying on louages before we couldn't stand not being in control of our transportation.

So, in the sandy Saharan town of Douz, in the midst of a grand festival, we bought a thirty year old scooter, named it Habib, bungeed our bags to the back, and set off on a motorized two-wheel adventure, puttering along at speeds hardly faster than a bicycle's.

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